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Who we are.

We started out from humble beginnings in Columbus, Ohio, and we're still here. Although these days we are packing and shipping millions rather than thousands of titles each year. We've grown by offering a great service to each and every customer, wherever they are in the world. That's what makes us proud. is excited to announce a new look and new ownership – now employee owned since January 2024!

Being an employee-owned company brings a wealth of benefits for both our team members and our customers. By empowering our employees to have a stake in the company, we foster a culture of dedication, innovation, and accountability. Each member of our team is personally invested in the success of the company, leading to higher levels of commitment and pride in the work we do. This translates into exceptional customer service, quality products, and a genuine sense of care and responsibility towards our customers. Our employees take pride in what they do; and that’s why our prices are lower and our service is best.