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A Running Start for Your Practice

by  Brandon K. Pasa

ISBN-10: 1432761552

ISBN-13: 9781432761554


Book Specs


Trade Paper


Outskirts Press

Published on  

Nov 18, 2010


st Edition


6.00x0.64x9.00 Inches


0.92 Pounds

About the Book

A Running Start For Your Practice is written and designed to be the mentor and advisor that you need to see your vision through to reality. There is so much information that you need to know and understand and many steps that need to be taken to build a foundation for your business and practice which will give you the best possible chance for continued success and growth. You truly need someone who can and will lead you through each process step-by-step. This book is that someone. New practices have enough issues that must be dealt with from the beginning in this dynamic healthcare climate that we work in without having to start cold turkey into business at the same time. Unfortunately, you can%u2019t separate the practice from the business. Therefore, you are going to need help with all the pieces that must fit together for success.In this book you are going to learn how to evaluate and know yourself so that you have a context for making decisions such as what type of practice will suit your personality, the size of practice, whether or not to own your own practice (from inception or purchase of an existing one), or to join an existing one. You will learn how to do a budget for your business and personal lives so that they fit together cohesively, how to choose what type of business entity (C Corporation, S Corporation, LLC, etc.) you prefer, and how to choose the correct location are just some of the critical pieces that are addressed in this book.Thanks to this book you don%u2019t have to start your journey in the dark. You can open your doors with a full working plan for success in healthcare and business.