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A Book of Wisdom and Delight

by  James Nicholas

ISBN-10: 0595713777

ISBN-13: 9780595713776


Book Specs


Trade Cloth



Published on  

Sep 1, 2008


st Edition


6.00x0.69x9.00 Inches


1.08 Pounds

About the Book

The book offers challenging but easy reading. It draws enriching ideas from philosophy, psychology and literature from East and West. The thoughts of 180 eminent thinkers are cited, with the ideas of modern writers. Intertwined with the classics are the author's own reflections. This book is profuse with beautiful references to nature.

Areas that are of interest to people are discussed in six lively and easy to understand chapters:

1. Enjoy Inner Peace and Calm
2. Give Yourself a Dazzling Mind
3. The Joys of Genuine Intimacy
4. Be Ever Young in Spirit
5. A Blueprint for Success
6. Abundant Energy for Everyday Life

Readers will discover stimulating ideas on how to feel better, think better and remain loving, successful, youthful and energetic throughout life.