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Play Piano in a Flash

by  Scott Houston

ISBN-10: 0285637150

ISBN-13: 9780285637153


Book Specs


Trade Paper


Souvenir Press Ltd

Published on  

Oct 28, 2004


st Edition


5.35x0.47x8.50 Inches


1.01 Pounds

About the Book

Typical piano lessons teach the piano through reading notes, while this is ideal for the aspiring concert pianist it complicates things for the person who just wants to play his or her favourite songs. To play pop music all you need is to learn some basic rules and techniques and you will be able to play the chords used by professional musicians. Within hours you will know the chords needed for any pop song. The book is fully illustrated to give visual tools to the learner and each chapter has a summary at the end to ensure that the learner knows what the chapter taught and how it fits in with the previous chapters.