Theory and Algorithms for Cooperative Systems

ISBN-10: 9812560203
ISBN-13: 9789812560209
Authors: Don Grundel, Robert Murphey, Panos M. Pardalos
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Table of contents

Mesh stability in formation of distributed systems
Designing the control of a UAV fleet with model checking
Applying simulated annealing to the MAP
On the performance of heuristics for broadcast scheduling
Natural language processing in control of unmanned aerial vehicles
Lyapunov-based partial stabilization of a nonholonomic UAV model with polytopic input constraints
Cooperative optimization for solving large scale combinatorial problems
Coupled detection rates : an introduction
Decentralized receding horizon control for multiple UAVs
A stable and efficient scheme for task allocation via agent coalition formation
Cohesive behaviors of multiple cooperative mobile discrete-time agents in a noisy environment
Multitarget sensor management of dispersed mobile sensors
Communication requirements in the cooperative control of wide area search munitions using iterative network flow
A decentralized swarm approach to asset patrolling with unmanned air vehicles
K-means clustering using entropy minimization
Integer formulations for the message scheduling problem on controller area networks
Multiple radare phantom tracks from cooperating vehicles using range-delay deception
Possibility reasoning and the cooperative prisoner's dilemma
The group assignment problem arising in multiple target tracking
Coordinating very large groups of wide area search munitions
Cooperative control simulation validation using applied probability theory
Cooperative control of multiple UAV's in close formation flight via nonlinear adaptive approach
A vehicle following methodology for UAV formations
Coordinated UAV target assignment using distributed tour calculation
Decentralized optimization via Nash bargaining