Jamaican Gold Jamaican Sprinters

ISBN-10: 9766402345
ISBN-13: 9789766402341
Authors: Rachael Irving, Vilma Charlton
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"Riddle me this, riddle me that, guess me this riddle, and perhaps not: A we run things, things no run we. Who could that be?" One possible answer: Jamaican sprinters. Enquiring minds want to know: Why do Jamaicans run so fast? Usain Bolt may be the most recent and the most spectacular Jamaican practitioner of the art of speed, but he and Shelly-Ann Fraser stand on the shoulders of giants of both genders, heirs to a pedigree that goes back at least a hundred years to the teenaged Norman Manley and before. For years before the explosion of "Lightning" Bolt on the Beijing Olympics track, the consistent speediness of men and women from this small island had been the subject of serious and…    

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