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Bible Figures in Islamic Art

by Marlies Borg





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Published on  
Aug 15, 2012

1st Edition


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About the Book

The colorful images in this book show that we have more in common than is generally supposed. They are miniature figures well known from BIBLE AND QURAN. Adam, Noah, Moses, Mary and Jesus, and many others revered by Muslims and Christians alike. Surprising to find them rendered here by Muslim artists! Islamic art, admired for its non-figurative beauty, sometimes ventures into the figurative sphere, for educational and illustrative purposes. Tucked discreetly into books, rather than proudly displayed in mosques, they are now buried in the cellars of mainly Western museums. Reason enough to make these jewels available for the general public. For the images show not only similarities with Christian art but also fascinating differences both in content and style.Adam and Eve/Hawwa revered by angels, and then leaving Paradise on a four legged snake; the child Moses on Pharaoh's lap; King Solomon conversing with animals; Jesus on horseback raising Lazarus from the dead; finally Mary, Jesus and Moses depicted together with Muhammad; the last two with discreetly covered faces. Each image is accompanied by a short explanation and relevant Qur'anic texts. Reproductions of the images, stemming from the 16th and 17th century, admired by Christians and Muslims, have been shown in a mobile exhibition. Negotiations are underway for a full fledged exhibition with some if not all of the authentic miniatures. Compiled by Marlies ter Borg, www.marliesterborg.netmarliesterborg@gmail.comauthor of Sharing Mary, Bible and Qur'an Side by SideImages courtesy of:The Nour Foundation, Khalili Family Trust, LondonThe Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian, Washington D.C.The Topkapi museum, Istanbul The Wereldmuseum, Rotterdam The David Collection, Copenhagen

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