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How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet

by  David Nevue

ISBN-10: 1456531522

ISBN-13: 9781456531522


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Trade Paper


CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published on  

Jan 1, 2011


st Edition


7.99x0.48x10.00 Inches


1.02 Pounds

About the Book

The Internet is an incredible promotional tool for musicians. You can get radio play, grow a fan base, create a distribution channel and sell CDs and music downloads all online. Imagine how much music you'd sell if *thousands* of people heard your music every day? Most musicians, however, have no idea where to begin when it comes to online promotion. Some get as far as putting up a web site, but stop there. That's where this book will help. David Nevue, an independent musician like yourself, uses the Internet to generate well over $70,000 a year in music-related sales. Today, David is doing the "music biz" full-time, having quit his "day job" in 2001 after making more money selling music online than working for a corporation! In this book, David will take you step by step through the same marketing strategies he's used since 1995 to promote his music successfully on the Internet. Now you too can build your own music career using the Internet -in your own time and on your own terms.