Keeping Afloat:Up A French Canal Without

ISBN-10: 0955421756
ISBN-13: 9780955421754
Authors: John Liley

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Keeping Afloat is a light-hearted tale of John Liley's exploits on the canals of France. John was working for a boating magazine when he was overcome with a dream of owning and operating a hotel-barge in France. Now, thirty years on, he tells of his often hilarious misadventures in the early days of setting up a business that would keep afloat. Characters such as The Whizzer, Mighty Min and Monsieur Bertrand would be unbelievable if they were not true. Barge enthusiasts and landlubbers alike will laugh with and at John's exploits.

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Binding: Hardcover Publisher: Loose Chippings Books