Minority Status, Oppositional Culture, and Schooling

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Authors: John U. Ogbu
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Table of contents

Tables and Figures
A Note from Marcellina Ada Ogbu
History and Framework
The History and Status of a Theoretical Debate
Collective Identity and the Burden of "Acting White" in Black History, Community, and Education
Ways of Knowing: The Ethnographic Approach to the Study of Collective Identity and Schooling
Multiple Sources of Peer Pressures among African American Students
Language and Collective Identity among Adults and Students in a Black Community
"Signithia, You Can Do Better Than That": John Ogbu (and Me) and the Nine Lives Peoples
Collective Identity, Black Americans, and Schooling
High School Students of Color Talk about Accusations of "Acting White"
Black Students' Identity and Acting White and Black
Reexamining Resistance as Oppositional Behavior: The Nation of Islam and the Creation of a Black Achievement Ideology (The Remix)
What does "Acting White" Actually Mean? Racial Identity, Adolescent Development, and Academic Achievement among African American Youth
"Excellence" and Student Class, Race, and Gender Cultures
Racial Identity Attitudes, School Achievement, and Academic Self-Efficacy among African American High School Students
Reassessment and Methodological Issues
The Burden of "Acting White": Do Black Adolescents Disparage Academic Achievement?
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Confirming Oppositional Culture Theory
Quantitative Studies of Oppositional Culture: Arguments and Evidence
The Structure of Opportunity and Adolescents' Academic Achievement Attitudes and Behaviors
Oppositional Identity and Academic Achievement among African American Males
Cross-Cultural Studies of Identity
Situational Ethnicity and Patterns of School Performance among Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Mexican-Descent Students
Navajo Youth and Anglo Racism: Cultural Integrity and Resistance
A Quantitative Examination of Oppositional Identity among African American and Latino Middle-School Students
Ogbu's Voluntary and Involuntary Minority Hypothesis and the Politics of Caring
Part V
Forming Academic Identities: Accommodation without Assimilation among Involuntary Minorities
The Minority Achievement Committee: Students Leading Students to Greater Success in School
Forward-Looking Criticism: Critiques and Enhancements for the Next Generation of the Cultural-Ecological Model
Appendix Black Students' School Success: Coping with the "Burden of 'Acting White' "