Anglish Yinglish Yiddish in American Life and Literature

ISBN-10: 0803261470
ISBN-13: 9780803261471
Authors: Gene Bluestein
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Writers have celebrated the fruitful dialogue between English and Yiddish for decades. In this engrossing lexicon, Gene Bluestein reveals the full extent of that dialogue, introducing “Anglish, or Anglicized Yiddish, in which a Yiddish word is integrated into English usage, as in ‘shmo’and ‘shmoozing’; and Yinglish, or Yiddishized English, in which an English word is integrated into Yiddish usage, as in ‘allrightnik,’ or the expression ‘a Heifitz he isn’t.’” Bluestein’s insights into and examples of countless Yiddish expressions that have made their way into American English are fascinating and delightful. They vividly remind us of the multiculturalism of the American language and of the…    

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