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The Sacred Wisdom of the Native Americans

by  Larry J. Zimmerman

ISBN-10: 0785833900

ISBN-13: 9780785833901


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Trade Cloth


Chartwell Books

Published on  

May 27, 2016


st Edition


6.50x1.25x9.75 Inches


2.10 Pounds

About the Book

Despite their many differences, all Native Americans share a profound appreciation of the cycles of nature and a belief in the cosmic interconnectedness of all things. Professor Larry J. Zimmerman tells the tragic tale of their conquest and dispossession, followed by their survival against the odds and the renewal of pride in a distinctive cultural heritage. Learn about American Indian traditions and the history behind them that create a unique Native American identity. Their crafts and their reverence for the land are also both described in detail - inspiring us to turn our thoughts to the natural world and our own place in it.