Book of Macrobiotics The Universal Way of Health, Happiness, and Peace

ISBN-10: 0757003427
ISBN-13: 9780757003424
Authors: Michio Kushi, Alex Jack
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Author bio:

Michio Kushi is the world's leading expert on macrobiotics. He is the author of numerous books on the subject, including The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health.

MICHIO KUSHI is the leader of the international macrobiotic community. She has given seminars on Far Eastern medicine and philosophy to medical professionals and healthcare associates around the world. The Smithsonian Institute recently opened a permanent Michio Kushi Family Collection on Macrobiotics at the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. ALEX JACK is an author, teacher, and dietary counselor. He is the founder and president of Planetary Health, Inc., an educational organization devoted to creating a sustainable future.


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Binding: Paperback Publisher: Square One Publishers Number of pages: 432 Dimensions: 6.00" wide x 9.00" long x 1.20" tall Weight: 1.496 lbs. Language: English

Table of contents

Patterns of Change and Harmony
The Order of the Universe
Life is Vanity
The Principles and Laws of the Universe
Macrobiotics in Eastern Thought
Macrobiotics in Western Thought
Modern Macrobiotics
Spirals of Everlasting Change
The Spiral: The Universal Pattern
The Spiral of Life
The Spiral of Consciousness
The Spiral of Evolution
The Galactic Spiral
The Spiral of the Northern Sky
The Spiral of History
Humanity at the Crossroads
Dietary Principles
Food and the Human Constitution
Centripetal and Centrifugal Force
Ki, the Energy Centers, and Meridians
Human Beings Can Eat Anything
Food of Embryo and Infant
Food for Human Beings
The Natural Order of Eating
Dietary Principles for Humanity
Standard Macrobiotic Dietary Approach
Standard Dietary Recommendations
Yin and Yang in Daily Food
Environmental Modifications and Personal Adjustments
Principles of Cooking
Modern Nutrition
Applying the Principles
The Way of Life for Humanity
Practicing a Natural Way of Life
Respect for Ancestors and Love for Offspring
Man and Woman
Love and Marriage
Sex and Relationships
Society and Nature
The Spirit of Macrobiotics
Human Diseases: Cause and Recovery
Cause of Difficulties
Origin and Development of Sickness
The Progressive Development of Disease
What is Natural Immunity?
Kinds of Human Death
Yin and Yang in Physical and Mental Disorders
Approach to Disease and Disorder
Transition and Discharge
Medicinal Use of Common Food
The Mandala of Healing
The Five Stages of Transformation
Mental Disorders: Cause and Approach
Understanding Dreams
The Progressive Development of Mental Disorders and Emotional Disorders
Medical and Scientific Studies
Humanity's Origin and Development
Traditional Dietary Sources
Modern Nutritional Studies
Infant and Childhood Nutrition
Heart Disease
Radiation and Fallout
Infectious Disease
Migraine Headache
Environmental Illness
Mental and Psychological Illness
Crime, War, and Antisocial Behavior
Agriculture and Energy
Microwave Cooking
Genetically Modified Foods
Pet Care
Plant Sources of Vitamin B12
Schools, Universities, and Hotels Serve Macrobiotic Food
Transmutation of Elements
Exercise and Sports
Personal and Planetary Transformation
One Peaceful World
The Biological and Spiritual Revolution of Humanity
Reorientation of the Individual
Reorientation of the Family and Community
World Federation
The Future World Community
World Public Service
Natural Agriculture
Principles of Natural Economy
Transformation of Society
Realizing Our Endless Dream
The World of Vibration
Life in the Spiritual World
Our Spiritual Journey
Meditation and Prayer
Spirit and Destiny
Further Resources
Global Macrobiotic Dietary Guidelines
Medical Statements on Macrobiotics
Guidelines on Agriculture and Climate Change
Food Classification Tables
Listing of Conditions, Symptoms, and Diseases
Guidelines for Use of Supplements
East West Reading and Viewing List
Macrobiotic Resources
About the Authors