How to Pass Technical Selection Tests

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ISBN-13: 9780749443757
Authors: Mike Bryon, Sanjay Modha
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Table of contents

A brief guide to tests
What are selection tests?
Do tests discriminate?
Reliability and validity
Why do companies use tests?
Test administration
Test scores
How to prepare for tests
Practice makes perfect
How best to practise
Organise your study
Doing your best on the day
Test strategies
You have to try hard to do well in a test
What to do if you fail
Some of the most common types of technical tests
Categories of tests
Attainment tests
Aptitude tests
Work sample tests
Trainability tests
Technical tests of verbal reasoning
Technical tests of numerical reasoning
Tests of diagrammatic reasoning
Tests of mechanical reasoning
Other types of test that you may encounter
The technical selection tests essential dictionary
Technical numerical questions
Practice test
Area, volume and surface areas
Trainability and selection tests in construction
Electrical power
Technical verbal questions
Basic vocabulary of science and engineering
Basic principles of physics
Tests of diagrammatic reasoning
The format of the questions
Mechanical questions
Answers and explanations