Religion in Legal Thought and Practice

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Authors: Howard Lesnick
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Howard Lesnick has completed 50 years as a law teacher. Specialized initially in the law of the work relation - labor law, employment discrimination and welfare law - he has served since 1978 as Impartial Umpire under the AFL-CIO 'No-raiding' agreement. He has participated in litigation, training and consultative work related to the legal problems of poor people. He is a founder and past President of the Society of American Law Teachers - a group of law teachers committed to the public responsibilities of the Bar and the law schools - and has worked, with others, to develop methods by which law students, teachers and practitioners can make their work in law more fully integrated with their…    


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Table of contents

Some opening prompts
Religion and the life of a lawyer
Moral Obligation and Religious Belief
What is the relation between the moral dimension of obligation and religious belief?
Does religious belief necessarily have moral content? Does religious belief have any necessary moral content?
What are the bases of resistance to religiously grounded morality?
Concepts of God, scripture, and revelation: the meanings of 'divine inspiration'
Modes of religiously grounded moral discernment
Religion and Some Contemporary Moral Controversies
Economic justice
Bioethical questions
Homosexual sex
The Interaction Between Religion and the Secular Law
'Render unto Caesar': religion and (dis)obedience to law
Religiously grounded morality and the reach of public law
Capital punishment
Responding to Religious Diversity
Holding the truth, lightly: religion, truth, and pluralism
Jewish Christian understanding: transcending the legacy of history
Religiously Grounded Moral Decision-Making in Professional Life
Answering the call of faith in the practice of law