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Handbook of Injury and Violence Prevention

by  Lynda S. Doll (Editor), Sandra E. Bonzo (Editor), David A. Sleet (Editor), James A. Mercy (Editor), Elizabeth N. Haas (Managing editor)

ISBN-10: 0387259244

ISBN-13: 9780387259246


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Trade Cloth



Published on  

Dec 18, 2006


1st Edition


7.00x1.31x10.00 Inches


6.22 Pounds

About the Book

In the Handbook of Injury and Violence Prevention, over fifty experts present the current landscape of intervention methods - from risk reduction to rethinking social norms - as they address some of the most prevalent forms of accidental and violent injury.

- Overview chapters examine the social and economic scope of unintentional and violent injury today

- Extensive literature review of specific intervention programs to prevent violence and injury

- Special chapters on childhood injuries, alcohol-related accidents, and disasters

- "Interventions in the Field" section offers solid guidelines for implementing and improving existing programs

- Critical analysis of issues involved in delivering programs to wider audiences

- Helpful appendices list relevant agencies and professional resources

This dual focus on intervention and application makes the Handbook a bedrock text for professionals involved in delivering or managing prevention programs. Its what-works-now approach gives it particular utility in the graduate classroom, and researchers will benefit from the critical attention paid to knowledge gaps in the field. It is a major resource for any reader committed to reducing the number of incidents just waiting to happen.