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by Denise Brown





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Trade Paper
Teach Yourself Books
Published on  
Mar 28, 2003

3rd Edition


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About the Book

A complete reference guide to massage, this volume is suitable for the general reader and also the massage, sports therapies or beauty therapy student. Massage has always been a popular technique used for the relief of stress, for sports injuries and to develop sexual realtionships. It is an instinctive therapy which everyone has the ability to learn. The aim of this book is to encourage your natural abilities and give you the knowledge and expertise to practise safely and effectively on your friends. It works on the understanding that your body and mind should not be regarded as separate entities, but that physical symptoms are often a reflection of something that is going on in our mind. The book covers all aspects, from the history of massage, to step-by-step explanations. It then goes on to cover different areas, such as massage in pregnancy and for babies and to help with sports injuries, as well as an entire chapter on self-massage. It also looks at ways of combining massage with aromatherapy, with sections on various essential oils.

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