Algorithms Unlocked

ISBN-10: 0262518805
ISBN-13: 9780262518802
Authors: Thomas H. Cormen
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Have you ever wondered how your GPS can find the fastest way to your destination,selecting one route from seemingly countless possibilities in mere seconds? How your credit cardaccount number is protected when you make a purchase over the Internet? The answer is algorithms.And how do these mathematical formulations translate themselves into your GPS, your laptop, or yoursmart phone? This book offers an engagingly written guide to the basics of computer algorithms. InAlgorithms Demystified, Thomas Cormen -- coauthor of the leading college textbookon the subject -- provides a general explanation, with limited mathematics, of how algorithms enablecomputers to solve problems. Readers will learn…    

Author bio:

Thomas H. Cormen received a Ph. D. from MIT in 1992. He is an associate professor at Dartmouth College. Cormen is one of the authors of Introduction to Algorithms.


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