Project X: Underground: Ant Meets the Queen

ISBN-10: 0198471858
ISBN-13: 9780198471851

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In this cluster, Max, Cat and Ant explore an ants' nest in Ant Meets the Queen. In A NASTI Surprise the children follow a robot into the drain, only to get a nasty shock. In the Knockits of Knockity Hoo Jed and Ava explore the caves at Knockity Hoo. Also in this cluster, find out more aboutthe underground world in the two non fiction books, Ants at Home and Going Underground.Each book comes with notes for parents that highlight tricky words or concepts in the books, prompt questions and suggest a range of follow-up activities. The Underground Guided Reading Notes provide step-by-step guided reading support for each book in the Underground cluster, together withguidance about comprehension,…    

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