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Skin Revolution

by  Leslie Kenton

ISBN-10: 0091889669

ISBN-13: 9780091889661


Book Specs


Trade Paper



Published on  

Sep 4, 2003


1st Edition


6.02x1.10x9.21 Inches


1.14 Pounds

About the Book

Sleek, firm, vibrant skin can be yours at any age, but how can you achieve it? The shops are full of products that claim to smooth wrinkles and rejuvenate skin, and some of them actually do - but the ways they achieve this are often dubious if not downright damaging. Leslie Kenton, a glowing testament to the benefits of what she preaches, exposes the half-truths, lies and deceptions perpetrated in the name of beauty. She describes the processes that lead to skin ageing - from sunlight and chemical reactions in cosmetic products to dietary weaknesses and ionising radiation damage - but even more importantly she reveals how to prevent and reverse these processes naturally. Among many fascinating things, this book will help you to---Learn about creams and find the ones that work best for you--Discover how to optimise your hormone levels to keep ageing at bay--Find out the truth about skin and stress--Learn how to feed your skin for lifelong beautyRadiant skin is within everyone's reach. This book tells you how to make it happen.