Destinos Student Edition W/Listening Comprehension Audio CD

ISBN-10: 0072525363
ISBN-13: 9780072525366
Authors: Bill VanPatten, Martha Alford Marks, Richard V. Teschner
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Bill VanPatten is Professor and Director of Applied Linguistics and Second Language Studies at Texas Tech University. His areas of research are input and input processing in second language acquisition and the effects of formal instruction on acquisitional processes. He has published widely in the fields of second language acquisition and language teaching and is a frequent conference speaker and presenter. His publications include Making Communicative Language Teaching Happen (with James F. Lee, 2003,McGraw-Hill), From Input to Output: A Teacher’s Guide to Second Language Acquisition (2003, McGraw-Hill), Processing Instruction: Theory, Research, and Practice (2004, Lawrence Erlbaum…    


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Binding: Hardcover Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education Number of pages: 560 Dimensions: 8.00" wide x 9.75" long x 2.25" tall Weight: 2.860 lbs. Language: English

Table of contents

A comprehensive listing of contents for
is provided here, as representative of the other lessons. For
La cartaBefore Viewing: Preparaci=nAfter Viewing: +Tienes buena memoria?Vocabulario del tema: Los cognadosUn poco de grambtica: Expressing is/areVocabulario
El secretoBefore Viewing: Preparaci=nAfter Viewing: +Tienes buena memoria?Nota cultural: Las familias hispbnicasVocabulario del tema: Los miembros de lafamiliaUn poco de grambtica: ExpressingPossessionLectura cultural: La Guerra Civil espa�olaIntercambioVocabulario
El comienzoUsing Verbs to Talk About Others
La despedidaUsing Verbs to Talk About Group Activities
+Maestra?Repaso de los Episodios 1-5
La carteraExpressing knowing
El encuentroMore about Verbs
EstacionesMore About Talking About Yourself
CuadrosMore About Talking About Group Activities
La demoraRepaso de los Episodios 7-10
RevelacionesUsing Verbs to Talk About the Past
La b�squedaMore About Using Verbs to Talk About thePast
En el extranjeroMore About Using Verbs to Talk About thePast
CulpableMore About Using Verbs to Talk About thePast
CarasMore About Using Verbs to Talk About thePast
InolvidableMore About Using Verbs to Talk About thePast
Estimada Sra. SubrezRepaso de los Episodios 12-17
Por fin...Describing What Was Happening While
Relaciones estrechasMore About Using the Imperfect
El peajeMore About the Imperfect
RecuerdosMore About Using the ImperfectL
Vista al marDescribing What Someone Was Doing
El don JuanAdditional Uses of Some Preterite Forms
Reflexiones IRepaso de los Episodios 1-18
Reflexiones IIRepaso de los Episodios 19-24
El rescateAnother Way to Talk About the Future
AtrapadosMore About Talking About the Future
iSe derrumb=!Talking About What People Want Others toDo
PreocupacionesExpressing Your Feelings About Something
Medidas drbsticasAnother Way to Talk About the Future
Ha habido un accidenteTelling Someone to Do Something
Si supieras...Telling Someone to Do Something
+xitoTalking About What Someone Has Done
ReunidosExpressing Hope
+QuT estarbn haciendo?Repaso de los Episodios 27-35
Llevando cuentasTalking About What You Wanted Someoneto Do
Ocultando la verdadMore About Talking About the Past
La misma sonrisaMore About Talking About the Past
Entre la espada y la paredTalking About What You Would Do
Algo inesperadoQuoting What Someone Said
Yo invitoExpressing What Would Happen If
Seremos cuatroTalking About What Had Happened Before
Una promesa y una sonrisaMore Talking About What Had Happened
iEstoy harta!Talking About What Someone Should HaveDone
Las empanadasExpressing If..., then
Tengo dudasExpressing Relationships Between Events
Asf fue (I)
Asf fue (II)
Asf fue (III)
Asf fue (IV)
Siempre lo am=
Answer Section
Verb Charts
Spanish-English Vocabulary
Index of Characters