Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning Yiddish

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ISBN-13: 9780028633879
Authors: Benjamin Blech
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Table of contents

Getting to Know Yiddish
So What Do You Think, Yiddish Is Dead?
Those Were the Days, My Friend
The Three Giants of Yiddish Literature
Laughing Through Tears
Universal Yiddish
Richer Than Rothschild
The Play's the Thing
Oy Vey--Why Yiddish Almost Died
L'Chayim--To Life: The Modern Rebirth
The Top Ten Reasons to Learn Yiddish
So Where Does Yiddish Come From?
What's in a Name?
Yiddish Is Older Than You Think
Why Not Hebrew?
Mame-loshen--A Language Spoken by Mothers
What a Mishmash!
My Yiddish, Your Yiddish
I Don't Understand You
Hold the Back Page
So Who Says You Don't Know Yiddish Already?
Some of My Best Friends Are Yiddish
And Then There's Yinglish
And Don't Forget the Grammar
Almost Identical Twins
So How Come?
So Now You Can Kvel
So Let's Get Started Already
It's as Easy as ABC--That's Easy?
Try It with Honey
A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
The Sound of Music
Show Me You're Finished
Here's How to Say It
Try Speaking a Bisel (Little)
The Basic Words
The Ten Most Popular Words in Yiddish
The Sexy Words
Asking Questions in Yiddish
Getting Personal in Yiddish
Here's Looking at You
Let's Be Objective
Short and Sweet
Time for Some Exercise
Meeting People and Making Friends
Saying Hello
Opening Questions
A Little More About "You"
Giving the Right Answers
Infinitives and Introductions
Did You Notice?
Be Polite
Asking a Question
Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
The Days of Our Lives
Is It Shabes Yet?
The Months and the Seasons
Side By Side
An Ode to Potatoes
Units of Time
Timely Words and Expressions
Wise Idioms
So How Old Are You?
Combining Numbers
What Time Is It?
Home, Sweet Heym
All in the Family
The Mamas and the Papas
A Yiddish Mama
A Lid far der Mamen
Der Tate: The Father
The Members of the Wedding
It's a Zun
The Rest of the Mishpokhe
Welcoming the "Green" Cousin
So What Are They Like?
Time for Some Exercise
Turning Adjectives into People
Kum Areyn--Come in, Please
Such Nice Rooms!
Looking All Around You
Help Me Find It
When "Men" Are Not "Men"
Wear It in Good Health
Such Beautiful Colors
Try the House "Specials"
Baked Stuffed Gefilte Fish--a la Ita
Light-as-a-Feather Matza Balls
What's a Meal Without Cake?
Your Handy Cooking and Baking Guide
Let's Eat--Esen, Esen, Esen
Don't Forget Breakfast
When Do We Eat?
The I'll-Do-It-Now Words
The I'll-Do-It-Later Words
So What's for Dinner?
Start with an Appetizer
Jewish Penicillin
Ready for the Entree?
You're Entitled to Two Sides
A Little Dessert?
On the Town
How Should We Go?
Let's Take the Car
Travel Tips by Car
Oy Vey, I'm in Trouble
Better by Teksi
... or Public Transportation
Did You Sing on the Trip?
Living in the Past
There's Always an Exception
A Table for Ten
Pick a Restaurant
Two Sets of Silverware
The Yiddish Pocahontas
Words to Remember
At the Restaurant
Constructive Criticism
Let Me Entertain You
How About a Movie?
Let's Go to the Theater Instead
Agreeable Adjectives
Who Says It's Not Nice to Compare?
Where Else Can We Go?
Let's Have a Ball
Life's a Gamble
Other Diversions
Hooray, It's on Sale
Where Did You Buy It?
Look for a Metsiye
It's Time for a Makeover
A Sheyner Yid
Let's Go on Vacation
Tell Me, Where Shall I Go?
Getting There Is Half the Fun
Thank God, It's Past Tense
Going All the Way
Milk and Honey
Room and Board
The Air Raid Siren
That's Life
Don't Get Sick!
Discussing Body Parts
S'tut Vey--It Hurts
And That's the Truth
I'm Not a Hypochondriac
If You Don't Know, Ask
Don't Make Me Younger
The Expensive Funeral
Get a Good Job
Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief?
What Should I Become?
So Many Choices
Call Me
Happiness Is
Show Me the Money
Lots and Lots
The -en Ending
Ten Dollars, Lots of Dollars
Move Your -s
To -er Is Human
Leave Me Alone
God Bless You
What Should We Call You, God?
Thou Shalt Not Take My Name in Vain
"Kosher" Nicknames
The Respectful Son-in-Law
God Talk
Spiritual Words
You Gotta Follow the Rules
Let's Be Definite
Being Accusative
Making a Dative
Please Cut It Short
The Ingenious Genitive
Learn to Be More Possessive
When Yiddish Is Hebrew
As Long as You're Well
The Popular, the Powerful, and the Profound
Comparisons, Curses, and Blessings
Biblical Similes
Descriptive Expressions
Rewarding the Philanthropist
It's Imperative
Put-Downs and Perfect Squelches
Curses for All Seasons
Blessings and Good Wishes
Morons and Misfits
Mentshen and Meyvinim
When the Saints Come Marching In
Meeting Mentshen
The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful
The Terrible "D" Word
Say It Ain't So
Yiddish Selections
The Wisdom of Proverbs
Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing
Es, Es--Eat, Eat
All in the Family
Good Advice
Friends and Enemies
Grow Old Along with Me
Thinking About It
"Velvel" Shakespeare--and Other Classics
Romeo, Shmoeo--What's in a Name?
Ham Is Bad, but Hamlet's Great
"Avrohom" Lincoln
The Gettysburg Address (Original Version)
And Now for the Yiddish
Some Phrases to Remember
The Ten Commandments
The First Commandment
The Second Commandment
The Third Commandment
The Fourth Commandment
The Fifth Commandment
The Sixth Commandment
The Seventh Commandment
The Eighth Commandment
The Ninth Commandment
The Tenth Commandment
Exercising Your Mind
From Shakespeare
From Abraham Lincoln
From God
Pop Culture in Yiddish Clothing
The Top Ten Movie Quotes
Slogans and Famous Sayings
Guess Who Said It?
The Envelope, Please
What Did They Say?
The Man and the Message
Take Note of These
Voices of the Masters
Hello, Sholom Aleichem
The Treasure
Try This Test
The Popular Peretz
The Head or the Heart?
Introducing the Cast
How High Is High?
Fill in the Missing Word
A Nobel Singer
The Washer Woman
Try to Write Like a Singer
With a Song in My Heart
Out of the Depths of Despair
Song of the Partisans
Now That's Funny
The Punch Line Is Yiddish
Say It Again, Sarah
The First Jewish President
The Yid-English Dictionary
Yiddish Types
Oy, Vey, the Rabbi
Listen to Your Rabbi
Some Words to Remember
Fill in the Missing Word
Only in America
Can You Figure It Out?
You Figure Out the Punch Line
The Jewish Atheist
How Moses Won
Taking No Chances
Getting the Last Laugh
Why Always Jews?
A Little Exercise Wouldn't Hurt You
It Sounds Just Like It (Chapter 3)
That's a Good Idea (Chapter 4)
I Do Declare (Chapter 5)
Let's Have Sex Again (Chapter 5)
Living in the Present (Chapter 5)
Objectively Speaking (Chapter 5)
I Can't Live Without You (Chapter 5)
Meet and Greet (Chapter 6)
Infinitives Aren't Infinite (Chapter 6)
Got the Time? (Chapter 7)
Countdown (Chapter 7)
You Can't Choose Your Relatives (Chapter 8)
Clothes Make the Man and Woman (Chapter 9)
A Rainbow Coalition (Chapter 9)
Coming Right Up (Chapter 10)
I'll Get to It (Chapter 10)
What's the Problem? (Chapter 11)
What's Past Is Past (Chapter 11)
Let's Compare (Chapter 13)
You'll Find It At ... (Chapter 13)
What Hurts? (Chapter 15)
So What Do You Do for a Living? (Chapter 16)
Tell Me More (Chapter 16)
Wise as King Solomon (Chapter 22)
Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
Suggested Reading
Take Me to the Movies
Music to My Ears
Answer Key