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The Woman of Substance

by Piers Dudgeon





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Trade Paper
Published on  
Mar 6, 2006

1st Edition


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About the Book

A fascinating look at the remarkable life of Barbara Taylor Bradford, bestselling author of the unforgettable A Woman of Substance

From the cobbled streets of Yorkshire to the sweeping avenues of Manhattan, Barbara's own story is as dramatic a tale as any one of her bestsellers.

Barbara Taylor Bradford's rise to fame and fortune was a difficult one. But from an early age her mother marked her out for glory - at any cost. The drive and ambition instilled in Barbara were to reap huge rewards. From humble beginnings in Yorkshire she took London's Fleet Street by storm. And then, with the creation of Emma Harte, the unforgettable heroine of her first novel A Woman of Substance, she inspired women the world over - and became one of the world's bestselling authors.

This is the first time that Barbara Taylor Bradford has been involved in a memoir of any kind and this unique collaboration has produced an extraordinary story. For Emma Harte's rise from Edwardian kitchen maid, single and pregnant, to one of the richest women in the world uncannily mirrors Barbara's own family history - something which was as much of a shock to Barbara as it will be to her millions of fans...

Don't miss this incredible story of suffering, loss and triumph over adversity, a must-read for any A Woman of Substance fan.

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