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Publisher: RYERSON
ISBN10: 0070969299
ISBN13: 9780070969292
Table of Contents
Note: New readings indicated by authors names in all caps. Chapter 1 NARRATION GEORGE GABORI, "Coming of Age in Putnok" CAROL SHIELDS, "Encounter" PATRICK LANE, "There Is a Season" CAROL GEDDES, "Growing Up Native" Chapter 2 EXAMPLE MARGARET WENTE, "Busy, Busy, Busy" KAREN VON HAHN, "Self-Serving Propaganda" JEFFREY ROSENTHAL, "Poker Power" JOE FIORITO, "The Fire Hall Down the Street" GORAN SIMIC, "Goodbye Muse, Hello Prada" Chapter 3 DESCRIPTION CHRISTY McLAREN, "Suitcase Lady" RUDY WIEBE, "The Bull" CHARLES YALE HARRISON, "In the Trenches" EMILY CARR, "D'Sonoqua" Chapter 4 CAUSE AND EFFECT PATRICIA PEARSON, "Avoiding the Big C: A Little Simple Advice" MARC GARNEAU, "Canada Must Put the  More...  
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