Virtual Sound - Sound Synthesis and Signal Processing - Theory and Practice with Csound

ISBN-10: 8890026146
ISBN-13: 9788890026140
Authors: Riccardo Bianchini, Alessandro Cipriani
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Virtual Sound is an in-depth tutorial in computer music, complete with user-friendly exercises in Csound that illustrate the theory and practice of each type of sound synthesis and processing. The subjects covered include additive synthesis, subtractive synthesis, flow-charts, control signals, vibrato and tremolo, 3-D sound, sampling, analysis and resynthesis, MIDI files and MIDI controls, amplitude and ring modulation, frequency modulation (FM), echo, reverberation, chorus, flanger, phaser, convolution, waveshaping and vector synthesis, granular synthesis, formant synthesis, and physical modeling. If you have a basic understanding of computers and the fundamentals of acoustics, you'll have…    

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