M4 Sherman Medium Tank Crew Manual

ISBN-10: 1935700812
ISBN-13: 9781935700814
Authors: War Department
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Developed as a replacement for the M3 Lee and Grant medium tanks, the M4 Sherman was the first American tank to carry a 75mm main gun mounted on a fully traversing turret. Equipped with a gyro-stabilizer that enabled it to fire with reasonable accuracy while on the move, the Sherman proved a fair match against the Nazi Panzer III and IV and far superior than its Japanese adversaries. While the German Tiger and Panther tanks proved to be superior weapons, the mobility and reliability of the Sherman and the sheer number of them placed in the field -- over 50,000 were built during the war -- helped even the odds. The Sherman remained a mainstay after WWII, and saw service in Korea, during the…    

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