Successful ICT Projects in Excel (Successful ICT Projects)

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Table of contents

Workbooks and Worksheets: Introduction
The Excel environment
Opening a new workbook
Anatomy of a worksheet
Opening a new workbook and saving it
Adding, deleting and naming sheets
Inserting the same information in several worksheets at once
Moving cell contents
Copying and pasting cells between worksheets
Copying a worksheet
Selecting cells in a worksheet
Entering and editing data and comments
Freezing panes to keep column labels visible
Viewing several worksheets simultaneously
Entering simple formulae
Printing a worksheet
Editing and Formatting: Enhancing the appearance of a worksheet
Adding and deleting rows and columns
Copying series
Adjusting the system date settings
Formatting dates
Copying formats to other cells
Editing a formula
Formatting numbers
Conditional formatting
Formatting headings
Adding borders and colours
Headers and footers
Printing the worksheet
Writing Formulae: Formula basics
Entering formulae
Using labels and editing formulae
Naming individual cells
Using names on different sheets
Creating duplicate names in a workbook
Writing formulae which refer to other sheets
Creating row and column headings
consisting of static values
Using relative addresses
Using absolute addresses
Using mixed references in a formula
Checking your formulae
The Auditing toolbar
Detecting whether cells contain values or formulae
Using Functions: Introduction
Setting up the Chemistry worksheet
Generating random numbers as test data
Converting formulae to values
Counting the number of values in a range
Naming cells and ranges
Rules for valid names
Calculating the total and percentage marks
Creating a Lookup table
Using the Lookup table
Creating effective test data
The IF function
Nested IF statements
Using Goal Seek
"What if" Scenarios: "What if"
Creating and naming input cells
Creating a scenario of the current situation
Creating additional scenarios
Viewing the scenarios
Creating a scenario summary
Using Solver
Linking Workbooks: Introduction
Organising data in different workbooks
Creating the Customer, Product and Sales workbooks
Opening a group of files that share a common characteristic
Naming columns as cell ranges
Copying sheets into a single workbook
Looking up values from other workbooks
Testing the application
Using a built-in data form
Problems with links
Updating links to other workbooks
Adding a new product
Filtering, Sorting & Subtotalling Lists: Introduction
Filtering to display a subset of records
Finding the top six values
Sorting data
Summarising data with subtotals
Multiple levels of subtotals
Showing and hiding levels of detail
Pasting subtotals into a Word document
Removing subtotals and filters
Creating a PivotTable
Editing the PivotTable
Showing more detail in a PivotTable
Showing average sales quantities
Creating Charts: Charts and graphs
Using Edit, Replace
Summarising using a PivotTable
Creating a monthly summary
Creating a PivotChart report
Customising the chart
Printing the chart
Creating different charts by changing the PivotTable
Making the embedded chart into a chart sheet
Forecasting a sales trend
Printing: Introduction
Previewing the worksheet
Setting print titles
Printing a worksheet on a specified number of pages
Centering data on the page
Printing headers and footers
Printing selected areas of the worksheet
Printing an embedded chart
Printing a sheet and the embedded chart together
Forms & Templates: Introduction
Creating the basic form
Data validation
Selecting valid data from a list
Protecting the worksheet
Editing a protected sheet
Hiding gridlines
Hiding columns
Saving the workbook as a template
Using the template
Testing the template
Viewing the database
Displaying the formulae in a worksheet
Adding a combo box control
Retrieving the price from the list
Using a spinner button
Inserting a scroll bar for interest rates
Enhancing the form
Basic Macro: The macro recorder
Recording a macro to insert a new line in a table
Changing the shortcut key
Examining the macro code
Syntax of Visual Basic statements
Adding a message to the user
Stepping through a macro
Using the Visual Basic toolbar
Using relative references in a macro
Using the Object Browser to get help
Making a macro run other macros
Attaching the macro to a command button
Advanced Macros: Data processing
Recording the macro
Trying out your macro
Debugging a macro
If.Then.Else.Endif statements
Hiding operations from the user
Performing a loop in a macro
Auto_Open and Auto_Close macros
The User Interface: Creating a full-screen menu
Creating custom buttons and toolbars
Testing the custom button
Adding a custom menu
Deleting and restoring menus
Hiding, displaying and positioning toolbars
Project Ideas: Introduction
Using advanced features of Excel
Preparing budgets
Expenses claims forms
Keeping accounts
Invoicing and sales summaries
Quotation systems
Student grades system
Inappropriate projects
The Systems: Life Cycle
Problem definition
The Project: Report
The mark scheme
Creating an outline for your project
Reordering topics
Adding numbers to the headings
Turning the outline into a document
Adding a header and footer
Inserting a Table of Contents
User documentation
Technical documentation
Handing it in
Sample Project
AQA Specification