Street Skateboarding: Endless Grinds and Slides An Instructional Look at Curb Tricks

ISBN-10: 1884654231
ISBN-13: 9781884654237
Authors: Evan Goodfellow, Doug Werner
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Author bio:

Evan Goodfellow is a sponsored pro skater and skateboard instructor. He has costarred in eight skateboarding videos in as many years. He lives in Glendora, California. Doug Werner is the author of Skateboarder's Start Up, Skateboarding: Book of Tricks, and Skateboarding: New Levels. He lives in San Diego, California.

Doug Werner is the author of all 12 titles in the Start-Up Sports series. He lives in La Jolla, California.


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Binding: Paperback Publisher: Tracks Publishing Number of pages: 176 Dimensions: 5.75" wide x 8.75" long x 0.50" tall Weight: 0.594 lbs. Language: English

Table of contents

Early days, early terrain
Street skating
Skateboarding culture
Curb tricks are foundational
Keeping skateboarding fun
Getting more technical
Future of skate parks
Curb tricks
50-50 grind
Frontside 50-50
Backside 50-50
Kickflip backside 50-50
Frontside 5-0
Backside 5-0
Frontside nosegrind
Backside nosegrind
Practice K grind
K grind
Frontside 180 nosegrind
Backside 180 nosegrind
Pop shuvit nosegrind
Switch nosegrind
Switch krooked grind
Nollie K grind
Frontside noseslide
Backside noseslide
Kickflip noseslide
Frontside tailslide
Backside tailslide
Kickflip backside tailslide
Practice blunt
Frontside bluntslide
Backside bluntslide
Backside noseblunt slide
Frontside noseblunt slide
Half cab noseblunt slide
Nollie frontside noseslide
Half cab noseslide
Nollie tailslide
Nollie 5-0
Nollie nosegrind
Frontside smith grind
Backside smith grind
Frontside lipslide
Backside lipslide
Fakie ollie switch 5-0 grind
Fakie ollie tailslide
Fakie ollie frontside tailslide