C Programming in Easy Steps

ISBN-10: 1840785446
ISBN-13: 9781840785449
Authors: Mike McGrath
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Table of contents

Getting started
Introducing the C language
Installing a C complier
Writing a C program
Compiling a C program
Understanding compilation
Storing variable values
Creating program variables
Displaying variable values
Inputting variable values
Qualifying data types
Using global variables
Registering variables
Converting data types
Creating array variables
Describing multiple dimensions
Setting constant values
Declaring program constants
Enumerating constant values
Creating a constant type
Defining constants
Debugging definitions
Performing operations
Doing arithmetic
Assigning values
Comparing values
Assessing logic
Examining conditions
Measuring size
Comparing bit values
Flagging bits
Understanding precedence
Making statements
Testing expressions
Branching switches
Looping for a number
Looping while true
Breaking out of loops
Going to labels
Employing functions
Declaring functions
Supplying arguments
Calling recursively
Placing functions in headers
Restricting accessibility
Pointing to data
Accessing data via pointers
Doing pointer arithmetic
Passing pointers to functions
Creating arrays of pointers
Pointing to functions
Manipulating strings
Reading strings
Copying strings
Joining strings
Finding substrings
Validating strings
Converting strings
Building structures
Grouping in a structure
Defining type structures
Using pointers in structures
Pointing to structures
Passing structures to functions
Grouping in a union
Allocating memory
Producing results
Creating a file
Reading & writing characters
Reading & writing lines
Reading & writing entire files
Scanning filestreams
Reporting errors
Getting the date and time
Running a timer
Generating random numbers
Displaying a dialog box
Reference section
ASCII character codes
Input & output functions
Character test functions
String functions
Math functions
Utility functions
Diagnostic functions
Argument functions
Date & time functions
Jump functions
Signal functions
Limit constants
Float constants