Impressionism Today A Painter's Guide to a Timeless Genre

ISBN-10: 1475143117
ISBN-13: 9781475143119
Authors: Donald Dilworth
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Hold up a painting from a local craft fair next to a masterpiece. Can you tell the difference? If so, you have talent.That is one of the messages in this new book. Most people think that painting a masterpiece is enormously difficult and requires a rare genius. They are wrong. That is the other message. When someone asked Claude Monet how his paintings were done, he replied, "Well, I hope nobody ever figures out how I do it!" This book tells how. Not which color to apply where, but rather it leads you to a particular frame of mind and to a process that will let your painting evolve in its own way and result in a work that is much better than what you thought you could do. There are some…    

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About the author:Mr. Dilworth has been figuring out what goes on in the mind of a painter for over 50 years. His education as a physics major at MIT gave him the mental tools, but not the answers he wanted.When his paintings started looking as though he had found some of those answers, he decided to write this book. He hopes that others with the same interest and talent will be able to start right off knowing the tricks, the tips, and with the good advice that took him decades to accumulate.


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