Toxophilus -the School of Shooting

ISBN-10: 1443739073
ISBN-13: 9781443739078
Authors: Roger Ascham
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Toxophilus -The School Of Shooting (History of Archery Series) Roger Ascham This work comprises of two books combined together: The First Book of the School of Shooting and The Second Book of the School of Shooting. They are written in the form of a dialogue between Toxophilus 'A lover of the bow' and Philogus 'A lover of learning'. In the discussion Toxophilus justifies his love of archery as a pastime, puts forward his reasons for retaining the bow as a weapon of war instead of the newly favoured hand gun, and he gives practical instructions on the technique of shooting in the bow. Contents Include Chronicle of the life, Works, and Times of Roger Ascham Apologia The Royal Arms Dedication…    

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