Reenchanted Science Holism in German Culture from Wilhelm II to Hitler

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Authors: Anne Harrington
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By the 1920s in Central Europe, it had become a truism among intellectuals that natural science had "disenchanted" the world, and in particular had reduced humans to mere mechanisms, devoid of higher purpose. But could a new science of "wholeness" heal what the old science of the "machine" had wrought? Some contemporary scientists thought it could. These years saw the spread of a new, "holistic" science designed to nourish the heart as well as the head, to "reenchant" even as it explained. Critics since have linked this holism to a German irrationalism that is supposed to have paved the way to Nazism. In a penetrating analysis of this science, Anne Harrington shows that in fact the story of…    

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Anne Harrington is senior lecturer in law and ethics, management and education at City University. Anne has been teaching for nearly twenty years, she is passionate about supporting and enhancing students' learning experience. Her PhD in Education focused on the students' experience of academic support in higher education and reported that many of them who had their prior academic education overseas found it difficult to develop critical and analytical thinking when writing their essay.


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