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Rhett and Link's Book of Mythicality A Field Guide to Curiosity, Creativity, and Tomfoolery

Crown, Rhett McLaughlin, Charles Lincoln Neal
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Crown/Archetype
Number of Pages: 272
ISBN10: 0451496299
ISBN13: 9780451496294
Dimensions: 7.60" wide x 9.55" long x 0.80" tall
Weight: 2.244 lbs.
Language: English
List Price: $28.00

From YouTube superstars and creators of Good Mythical Morning comes the ultimate guide to living a "Mythical" life, featuring stories and photos from their lifelong friendship, as well as awesomely illustrated tips for laughing more, learning more, and never taking life too seriously.   "Internetainers" Rhett & Link met in first grade when their teacher made them miss recess for writing profanity on their desks, and they have been best friends ever since. Today, their daily YouTube talk show, Good Mythical Morning, is the most-watched daily talk show on the Internet, and nearly 12 million subscribers tune in to see the guys broadcast brainy trivia, wild experiments, and hilarious banter  More...  
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