This Is Citizenship (This Is Citizenship!)

ISBN-10: 0340947098
ISBN-13: 9780340947098
Authors: Terry Fiehn, Julia Fiehn

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Publisher: Hodder Murray Number of pages: 96

Table of contents

Rules and fairness, rights and responsibilities
Would you like to go to school on Hoff?
Are school rules fair?
It's not fair!
What rights should all children have?
No man is an island
Whose responsibility?
Having a say
Taking part in a debate
Developing your debating skills
Communities and identities
Belonging to a community
Living together in communities
How would you change your local town centre?
Developing your research skills
Are you a good or an active citizen?
Can you change anything?
How can we make our communities sustainable?
Bringing communities together
Being a global citizen
What do you know about other countries?
How are you connected to the world?
Hard labour!
Fair trade
How can charities help?
Developing your campaigning skills
How does tourism affect people?
Key words