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Secret of the Golden Flower A Chinese Book of Life

Richard Wilhelm, C. G. Jung, C. G. Jung, C. G. Jung, C. G. Jung
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company
Number of Pages: 166
ISBN10: 0156799804
ISBN13: 9780156799805
Dimensions: 5.50" wide x 8.00" long x 0.50" tall
Weight: 0.396 lbs.
Language: English
List Price: $12.95
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The ancient Taoist text that forms the central part of this book was discovered by Wilhelm, who recognized it as essentially a practical guide to the integration of personality. Foreword and Appendix by Carl Jung; illustrations. Translated by Cary F. Baynes.A Helen and Kurt Wolff Book
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