Selected Works (Cicero, Marcus Tullius)

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Authors: Marcus Tullius Cicero, Michael Grant, Michael Grant
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Lawyer, philosopher, statesman and defender of Rome's Republic, Cicero was a master of eloquence and his pure literary and oratorical style and strict sense of morality have been a powerful influence on European literature and thought for over 2000 years. This selection demonstrates the diversity of his writing.

Author bio:

Born in Arpinum on January 3, 106 B.C., Marcus Tullius Cicero was a Roman orator, writer, and politician. In Rome, Cicero studied law, oratory, philosophy, and literature, before embarking on a political career. Banished from Rome in 59 B.C. for the execution of some members of the Catiline group, Cicero devoted himself to literature. Cicero was pardoned by Julius Caesar in 47 B.C., and returned to Rome to deliver his famous speeches, known as the "Philippics," urging the senate to declare war on Marc Antony. Cicero's chief works, written between 46 and 44 B.C., can be classified in the categories of philosophical works, letters, and speeches. The letters, edited by his secretary Tiro,…    


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