Annals of Imperial Rome

ISBN-10: 0140440607
ISBN-13: 9780140440607
Authors: Cornelius Tacitus, Michael Grant, Tacitus, Michael Grant, Tacitus
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'The Annals of Imperial Rome' recounts the major historical events from the years shortly before the death of Augustus to the death of Nero in A.D. 68.

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Tacitus was a Roman senator who survived the terror launched among the Roman aristocracy by the emperor Domitian to rise to prominence and become first suffect consul and later proconsul of Asia. His historical works, which originally covered the first century of the empire from the accession of Tiberius to the assassination of Domitian, are an indictment of the emperors and of the senatorial aristocracy under imperial autocracy. They remain the fundamental sources of imperial history in this period. The embarrasing paradox of Tacitus's success under a "bad" emperor appears to have had an effect on his works, whose tone may have struck contemporaries as a defense of his prominence under a…    


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