The Joke's Over

ISBN-10: 0099502194
ISBN-13: 9780099502197
Authors: Ralph Steadman

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Table of contents

List of Plates
The Seventies
The Kentucky Derby. May 1970
The America’s Cup. September 1970
Fear and Loathing. Summer 1971
Hunter Goes to Washington. 1970–72
Watergate Follies. July 1973
Rumble in the Jungle: Ali v Foreman. 30 October 1974
Fear and Loathing on the Road to Hollywood. 1977
The Filming ofWhere the Buffalo Roam. 1979
The Eighties 183 ‘The eighties, Ralph, are about paying your rent.’ 1980
Hawaii. 1980
The Elusive Bloater. 1981
Taxi to the Suburbs. 1981
The fish have gone south. 1981–6
The Year of Wine. 1987
The Nineties
Own goals. 1990–94
William Burroughs – An Encounter. 1995
Rifle. March 1996
Visit to Virginia, Hunter’s Mother. Louisville, 1997
The End
The Red Shark. 2000
ReadingLonoOut Loud. 2000
The Last Trip to Woody Creek. 2004
Memo to the Sports Desk. 2006