Felinestein Pampering the Genius in Your Cat

ISBN-10: 0062736302
ISBN-13: 9780062736307
Authors: Cindy Ribarich, Suzanne Delzio, Sophia Varcados
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Author bio:

Cindy Ribarich, D.V.M., is a veterinarian practicing at the Cat Clinic of Orange County, CA.


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Binding: Paperback Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Number of pages: 176 Dimensions: 6.12" wide x 6.12" long x 0.44" tall Weight: 0.594 lbs. Language: English

Table of contents

Measuring Your Cat's Intelligence
Learning Ability
Problem-Solving Ability
Communicative Ability
Kitten Kindergarten: Jump-Starting the Kitten's Brain
The Mother's Influence on Her Kitten's Early Learning
Stimulation in the Neonatal Period: 0-2 Weeks
Stimulating the Kitten in the Socialization Period: 3-7 Weeks
Stimulating the Weaned Kitten: 8 Weeks and Older
Kitty's Environment
Owner Comes Home at Last!
Adolescence and Adulthood: After 5 Months
Home Alone: The Indoor Cat's Guide to Filling Her Days
Creating Opportunities for Choice
Prey Facsimiles: Introducing Random Events
Before You Leave the House: Enticements to Activity
The Comforts of Home
Getting Outdoors Safely: The Indoor Cat vs. the Outdoor Cat
Seven Easy Steps to Harness Training Your Cat
Patio Living for the Indoor Cat
The Ultimate Activity: A Kitty Friend
Games and Toys to Keep the Mind Purring
Types of Cat Play: Social vs. Object
Object Play: Bring Out the Toys!
Homemade Toys That Satisfy
No Time for Creativity? Just Buy the Toys
Cat Games
Trick Training to Increase Brainpower
Before You Start
The First Trick: A Simple Sit
Lie Down
Stay: The Useful Refrain
Getting a Little Flashier: Roll Over
A Circus Stand
The Old Rover Trick: Shake
The Big Stunner: Bang, You're Dead
The Royalty Wave
Hula Hoop Jumping
Scratching-Post Training: A Practicality
Toilet Training Your Cat: Another Practical Trick to Make Your Life Easier
Fluffy, the Supermodel
The Intellectual Fat Cat: Shaping the Body, Toning the Mind
Fat-Cat Indicators
When Food Is More Than Sustenance
Curbing Your Feeding Behavior
Kitty's Part of the Weight-Reducing Bargain
Exercise Equipment
Games for Hefty
The Wise Elder
Keeping Our Elderly Cats Sharp Day to Day