Choosing Happiness Keys to a Joyful Life

ISBN-10: 0060008040
ISBN-13: 9780060008048
Authors: Alexandra Stoddard
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Bursting with creative ideas and brimming with illuminating anecdotes, this concise, joyful, and practical book shows how to find -- and forge -- happiness in the large and small events of everyday life. Based on her more than thirty years as a noted thinker and speaker on personal contentment, Alexandra Stoddard shares what she has learned about the small but significant changes you can make in your mind, heart, and surroundings to be happier day by day. A gentle and fun first step is to quickly write down ten words that define who you are -- perhaps beaches, family, food, home -- and what else? To further expand your awareness, select one word and write down twenty-five words that come…    

Author bio:

Alexandra Stoddard is the bestselling author of more than twenty-five books and is an acclaimed philosopher on the art of living. Through her lectures, articles, and books—such as Choosing Happiness , Time Alive , Living a Beautiful Life , Gift of a Letter , Grace Notes , and many more—she has inspired millions to pursue more fulfilling lives. She lives with her husband in Stonington Village, Connecticut.


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