Applications Programming in ANSI-C

ISBN-10: 0023611316
ISBN-13: 9780023611315
Authors: Richard Johnsonbaugh, Martin Kalin
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Table of contents

Variables, Operators, and Control Flow
More Operators and Control Flow
Functions and Program Structure
Storage Classes and Type Qualifiers
Input and Output
Structures, Unions, and Enumerated Types
Introduction to Data Structures
App. A. ASCII and EBCDIC Tables
App. B. Unsigned and Two's Complement Integers
App. C. Summary of the C Language
App. D. Syntax Diagrams of C
App. E. Some C Functions
App. F. C and UNIX
App. G. Compiling, Linking, and Running a C Program in Turbo C, VAX/VMS, and UNIX
Hints and Solutions to Odd-Numbered Exercises